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We are busy all t he time. But the summer, undoubtedly, is the busiest time for movers everywhere. Many families plan their moving dates around the kids vacation, college age kids move to their colleges, and you have others who simply want to change their outdoor furniture to take advantage of the warmer weather.

We get a lot of requests for free moving estimates in April, May, and June, lots of people moving in or out of the Bay Area. But, we also get office managers and facilities managers asking for adjustments to their work space, moving desks, file cabinets and general adjustments to modular furniture. We get return clients calling as they are shopping at furniture stores, would this fit in their living room?

Side note, but our CEO Charlie Gonzalez, has a reputation of a natural born interior designer. We often joke in the office that he has "a beautiful mind" type of abilities when it comes to space design, and a great taste in furniture.

A common tool of our trade is a measuring tape, we have them in our toolboxes by the dozen! But this tool is not often available in your average home (and sometimes small office). Sometimes we get a client calling, "I have this large armoire, it's about my arms stretch wide", or "I have a desk I need to raise it, about, I am not sure how much, just not liking the current height".

It got us thinking, that , a printable and accurate measuring tape would be a smart and handy tool for our clients. Even if you are not our moving client, but you have a need for a measuring tape, please enjoy this free download, and if you are on Facebook, please like our page!

** For accurate measurements, download the file, then print to "Actual Size". If your printer is set to "Fit to Page", your measurements may not be accurate.** Click here to download the file: Happy Measuring!

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