Tech Ed for Movers: Highlights

What an honor it was to organize and sponsor, along with other industry vendors, the first ever, Tech Education Day for Movers! Olga Garcia, our Customer Service Manager and I, were delighted to have members and non-members of the California Moving and Storage Association at our Northern Region chapter meeting. We were honored to have in attendance, Steve Weitekamp, President of the California Moving and Storage Association who made the trip here from Southern California.

The event was held at Dominic’s at Oyster’s Point on Friday September 14, 2018 and we have nothing but great feedback as far as the delicious buffet lunch. Who didn’t just love the peach cobbler? You can reach them via for all your catering and events needs.

The day started with David Mitroff, Ph.D. of Piedmont Avenue Consulting, Inc. David, a dynamic and knowledgeable speaker was so great at setting the tone for our day. We learned about financial and non-financial metrics as well as marketing strategies. We highly recommend David’s latest book “Online Business Growth Strategies A Practical Nine-Step Guide to Digital Marketing”.

You can buy his book here:

Next, we heard from Bryan Bloom, of Mover Search Marketing. Bryan joined us online via Zoom. His energetic presentation focused on SEO. Bryan really gets movers and the moving industry, because he was one! The attendees were captivated by the information he showed using the website His company offers free website audits, so go ahead and reach out.

Joe Eckert of MoversSuite by EWS Group had the longest commute! He flew in from Colorado. MoversSuite offers all the bells and whistles that you need to run your moving company. Regardless of your business size, their tools are scalable, and they even have a cloud-based system so no need to worry about hardware needs. I really enjoyed this, when he was talking about changes in the work environment or work processes, and the resistance that sometimes comes from workers and he was quoting someone, so I will paraphrase: We are updating our systems, and you can update with us or update your resume. Wow!

Scott Anderson of San Mateo based Ohava Computers, focused his presentation on web design. His message was simple and very clear. Less is more, people don’t want to read long stories about companies, founders etc. And they don’t want to take more than a minute to fill out contact forms! We have limited time and attention, so our websites need to make it easy and simple for our customers to reach us. So, go ahead and look at the amazing work Scott and his team are doing

Kate DeWald, a San Francisco Bay Area based company focuses on a very real problem! Who answers the phone? Who is there to deal with your customers when the customer wants it? We all have business hours, but do they match up to our customers and potential customers’ schedules? A shocking statistic she shared, 42% of movers don’t answer the first call from their customers. How much money are we leaving on the table by not answering the phone? Visit them at

Casey Myers of Paul Hanson Partners presented on their online product Movers Choice Online. This product among other things, provides online video training for your staff. This type of training is not only great for skill development, but for risk reduction. They can also help you with any independent contractor to make sure their insurance is up to date and lessens any risks to your business. or

Adam Horsman of Sakari and Staza has an impressive background in technology, supply chain and logistics. He offers text blasting technology that can help you with customer or worker’s needs. Everyone is mobile now, and this technology allows you to be connected with your workers via rich text. He also shared their task management platform where you can create and manage jobs and get real time reporting. By the way, Adam has owned a moving company and a moving box rental company, so he gets movers! Reach him at

Daniela Alpert of Shyft (Formerly Crater), had big announcements. They offer virtual/video estimates and have now moved to a success-based price model, that means that they only charge you for the survey if it results in a booked job. That is both generous and gutsy! But they are so much more than that. Their technology company is really looking to disrupt the moving industry, moving companies can instantly connect with customers at the touch of a button be it by phone, email, video or SMS so check them out

Bo Diaz from Verizon Connect offered GPS solutions. It was interesting to hear how besides promoting a safety culture, GPS can also help you monitor fuel cost and productivity. They can even send real time text messages when unsafe driving behavior is recorded! Huge thanks to Verizon Connect for bringing a Bose Headphone set valued at over $200 for a raffle. Congrats to Matt Hastings of New Haven Moving Equipment for winning the raffle.

Our last presenter was Matt Donzella from Yelp. He is the Yelp for Business Owners educator for the San Francisco Bay Area. Yelp has been a platform that has been used by both legal and illegal movers and Yelp is making a real effort to help consumers differentiate between those two. Matt went over different FREE ways to make your business more visible in Yelp and how to respond to consumer reviews. One advice that stuck out, to have at least ten pictures of your business, employees, services etc. We also learned that page owners cannot remove consumer pictures, but we are able to flag them, and Yelp can review and decide if they remove it or not. You can email Matt for more information on the tools they have available for your business.

Huge thanks to all presenters, for their insightful and energetic presentations. We really did outstanding in bringing such a well-rounded group of experts in their fields, who also have a heart for our moving industry! You all did amazing!

You missed the event? No worries! You can also get in touch with any of the presenters, they will be happy to chat with you.

Save the dates for our next chapter meeting on Wednesday October 17 at Pear Street Bistro in Pinole, California and our main fundraising event, our Annual Holiday Crab Feed on Friday November 30th at the Colma Community Center in Colma, California.

HUGE thanks to our sponsors, your support made a huge difference in bringing this event at an affordable ticket price! Please support our sponsors:

MoversSuite by EWS

Mover Search Marketing

J and S Paper

Pedro’s Moving and Storage

CG Moving Company

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