Is there anything more laborious than moving?

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the history of Labor day is celebrated the first Monday in September, and is a day "dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country." When you think of laborious, hard working, strenuous, arduous and literally back breaking labor, you can think of moving and movers!

The work of a mover is to go in any home, office or commercial setting and move stuff. It can be a small desk, a nightstand, boxes or pianos, refrigerators, or in our case, as biotech and licensed modular furniture installers, we have moved huge ventilating hoods, panelized refrigerated walk-in boxes and large (read truck size) computer equipment. In the age of automation, app based technologies and fast paced environments, the actual labor of moving things is still left to the strength and smarts of the mover. We are grateful that our founder Charlie Gonzalez chose this profession many moons ago, and learned the miniscule details of moving a home, small to large offices, and even hospitals!

The work of the mover starts with showing up sometimes in wee hours of the morning, preparing the truck with cones and safety equipment, making sure the truck is in good working condition, loading it with packing materials to protect the client's property and leave with enough time so that the client can be greeted on time and the move can start without delay. Once at the client's place, all the labor intensive work begins. Packing, protecting the items with shrink-wrap or other materials, and loading it to the the trucks with care.

The caring part is important! We always say that we are not just moving things, we are moving a person's life! Whether they are moving in to a bigger home as a family is growing, or moving in to a smaller home as an empty nester, or even moving into a nursing home, the memories attached to this person or family things need to be handled with care.

But just as much as we want to protect our client's things, we also want to protect our workers and this is one of the reasons why we always go over safety information with the crew. The work of the mover is one that contributes to the quality of life of those we move. We handle the move with professionalism, aware that not all moves are happy moves, as in the case of someone parting ways from a company or family, or even handling employee layoffs and restructuring of companies or organizations, but regardless of the reason for the move, the move still needs to be completed on schedule and with as little downtime for those affected.

Today we celebrate our workers, the guys and gals who show up everyday, ready to carry the load, the boxes, the desks, file cabinets, and refrigerators and washing machines! Willing to smile even as we are running into overtime because the elevator was stuck! Willing to say yes, we will make a stop at the storage facility that was just added on! And willing to contribute to the prosperity of our country.

Happy Labor Day!

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