CG Moving Co. employees Griselda Gonzalez and Olga Garcia honored as "Chapter of the Year"

Wow! How time flies! Just a month ago we were in Sacramento, celebrating the 100th convention of the California Moving and Storage Association. The annual convention is a place where licensed and insured movers members of the association meet to talk about the current state of the moving industry, and have a chance to connect with moving, trucking, packing materials suppliers, truck and automobile insurance providers, storage solutions vendors and more who offer their products and knowledge to support our moving businesses. ​​

The best part of the convention for me, is talking with other movers, and relocation professionals and sharing our experiences. Regardless of the size of your moving company, how many moving trucks or how large your movers crew is, whether you do cross-country moving, international moving or local moving, we have many common concerns and issues that affect us. I love the fact that there is vibrant young professionals leadership group and that we can count on the support and guidance of members who have been in the industry for generations! The best of both worlds, the experienced moving professionals and people who have literally help shape regulation and policy that affects licensed and insured movers working together with Generations X and Y!

Another awesome thing, like any other convention, we left with a ton of goodies and promotional items. I will not need to buy another pen or coffee mug for the rest of the year! Some vendors went all the way out, with Video Brochures and other cool gadgets. I was just happy there were charger packs and lip balms to choose from!

A great source of pride as a member of the association, is the fact that we raise funds through our local chapter meetings. Those funds go directly to our member's and associate members's employees, their children and grandchildren in the form of scholarship funds! We also raise money for the Special Olympics and each year, a chairman is chosen and he/she chooses a charity to support. The outgoing chairman John Lance chose the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) as his charity and they received $9,000 at the convention. For the new and incoming chairman, Alan Freese, his Chairman’s Choice Charity is St. Jude's Children Hospital. I am happy to share that our Northern Region Chapter collected $10,000 for the scholarship fund.

This year was extra special, Olga Garcia and I (Griselda), received the honor of being named chapter of the year! This was a huge surprise, we accepted the award and gave our thanks to our movers members and our associate members (vendors). It is a great honor and we proudly display the plaque at our South San Francisco warehouse.

If you are interested in becoming a member, whether you just started your moving business, or you have been in the moving industry but never became a member, or if you provide services or products that moving and trucking companies may buy, shoot me an email and I can give you more details or direct you to the wonderful people at

Have a safe Memorial Day Weekend!

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