5 Tips To Make Home Moving Smooth

1. Purge Your Stuff

You will no doubt own many items that you no longer require or even remember having anymore. Now is the time to get rid of them through either donating or simply throwing way (or selling if you have time). Your move will be much easier with less stuff and your new home not so cluttered.

2. Find and Use Free Boxes

You don't need to waste money buying moving boxes. Instead, check out clothing, grocery and warehouse style stores or browse Craigslist's "free" section.

5 Tips To Make Home Moving Smooth

3. Create a Schedule

Plan your move in advance so as to avoid getting overwhelmed. If you don't want to leave behind a leaking smelly refrigerator, it will need defrosting, drying and cleaning 24-48 hours before you move.

5 Tips To Make Home Moving Smooth

4. Before Unplugging Electronic, Take Pictures

One you move, it can be so easy to forget which cables and cords belong to which electronic equipment. So use your phone or camera to take pictures of them before you disconnect them. It may seem picky, but you will save heaps of time and frustration when you need to connect it all again.

5. Use Garbage Bags to Cover Your Hanging Clothes

To save having to do a load of ironing in your new place, keep clothes on a hanger, but covered with garbage bags. Then they can be hung straight back up after removing the bags.

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