How To Get Rid Of Things Before I Move

After you've identified the clear benefits of moving to a new location with fewer things in tow, the next thing that you need to do is to determine which of your belongings should be gotten rid of as well as what you'll ultimately do with these things. This time-consuming and challenging effort is know as inventorying or sorting and its exactly what you're supposed to do as soon as you have a bit of free time.

Following is a list of steps that will help you get through the process of sorting your belongings quickly, so that you can move on to doing other important things. In short, which things do you need to offload before actually moving?

Step 1. Start the process.

Make an inventory of your items one room at a time and begin with rooms that have the greatest number of things in them.

Step 2. Sort it out.

egin by sorting out the largest items first such as your electrical appliances, furnishings and specialty household goods, and then proceed to sort the smaller things such as bathroom products, books and clothing.

Step 3. Classify

Devise a simple method of classifying these items to keep things moving along efficiently. As a general rule, you should have no fewer than four basic categories: valuables, must-haves, items that are unnecessary or unwanted and things that are absolutely useless.

Step 4. Deal with your must-have items.

While writing every thing down, mark those items that definitely need to be taken. These should be pretty easy to spot such as the flat screen television that you recently purchased and the soft, expensive furniture set that you just bought for your living room. Additionally, include your first-edition and collectible books as these are going to look amazing in your new abode. No matter what indispensable items happen to fall into this group, these should be kept safe until you make it to your new address.

Step 5. Your valuables.

Valuables account for things that have sentimental or monetary. These are items that you aren't willing to part with easily unless you absolutely have to sell some of them (obviously not the sentimental ones), before completing your move, both for saving space and for earning additional cash - keep reading to find out more about your options for selling. For the present, you should just focus on settings these things apart: jewelry, costly electronics, heirlooms, emotional gifts, antiques and even your baby's very first shoes.

Step 5. Unnecessary and unwanted items.

You should pay very careful attention to this category given that getting rid of this stuff has to be a priority. Successfully reducing the amount of items that you no longer need will limit your moving costs. So what are some of the things that this category might include?

  • Outgrown or outdated items like clothes, footwear, kids's toys, and so forth,

  • Redundant items - you don't really need multiple microwaves or toasters

  • Forgotten items - musical instruments, sports equipment and other special interest items are just a few of the many things that may have become forgotten over time.

  • Collectibles that you no longer cherish. It could be time to turn your collections into cash if these no longer give you joy. Consider your options while remembering factors like space and money.

  • Gifts that you never enjoyed. Things that have been handmade by your loved ones should not be sold or given away, but that massive bowling ball ... you may never go bowling at all.

Step 7. Let go.

Things that are absolutely useless. Well, you know what needs to be done with things that are worn out or broken beyond any hope of repair.

We hope these tips help you let go of items you no longer need and that it makes your move a bit easier.

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