Bay Area Commerical Moving Company - What you should expect.

Bay Area Commerical Moving Company - What you should expect.

It's a big deal moving an office. You want to complete the move as quickly and efficiently as possible with little downtime. That's why many turn to CG Moving Company moving services in the Bay Area.

We deliver turnkey results with no regard to how large or small your office may be. You may be moving an entire warehouse facility or upgrading a professional office complex. Our project managers coordinate the move from your current location to the next efficiently.

Expert Solution

We expedite your move with highly trained, professional managers directing it all.

These professionals get field measurements, inventory existing furniture, and alert you to any shortages that might exist for the new configuration.

If your current furniture is to be used, we will create a streamlined transition and reconfiguration before recommending the purchase of anything new. If you prefer to buy new, we will introduce you to our vendors or work with your own to ensure a more efficient process.

Warehouse Experts

Our professional warehousing staff is experienced in helping you:

  • Plan space for pallet racking and installation

  • Inventory shelving, crossbars and uprights

  • Work with the team to create a new configuration

  • Apply environmental responsibility

At CG Moving Company we believe in being environmentally responsible by reducing waste in landfills. That means we recycle, donate or liquidate in other ways unneeded assets. Everyone wins because the result is significant reduction of moving costs.

We find acceptable homes for any excess furniture by coordinating with schools or charitable organizations that might need them. When disposal of electronics is necessary, we do it in a responsible manner. We pass the savings on to our clients.

Reduced Stress

No office moving project in the Bay Area should ever stress you out.

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