Getting Ready to Move Long Distance - Residential

The secret to a smooth house move is to plan carefully. Everyone will have different needs and things to plan for for their move. Organizing and planning your move allows you to eliminate the stress of the process, and avoid any mistakes. Normally, a house move will take three to four months.

Throughout this period, you will have to organize and plan everything. The better prepared you are, the smoother everything will run.

Two to three months prior to moving:

  • If you are a homeowner, get in touch with your realtor to put your property on the market

  • Determine your ideal moving date(s)

  • Research different school districts Acquire free city information

  • Utilize our mortgage and salary calculators to assist you

  • Arrange a property hunting visit to your desired city

  • Check whether your employer will pay for your move, or whether you will get a direct reimbursement or lump sum

  • Hold a garage sale for items you do not wish to keep. This enables you to reduce moving expenses.

One to two months prior to moving:

  • Buy your new property; sort out financing; determine close dates

  • Draw up a list of all the people you have to inform about your move

  • Acquire address change cards from the post office

  • Ask your school about how to transfer your children's academic records

  • Find out about driver's license rules for the area you will move to

  • Check with your accountant, or the IRS, if your moving costs are tax deductible

  • Get in touch with your insurer to talk about your insurance requirements for your new property

  • Choose a different bank for your new area

  • Start to sort out your dental and medical records

  • Decide whether you will do your own packing, or whether you would prefer to use professional movers - research and reserve a reputable moving company

A three weeks prior to moving:

  • Start the process of packing, if you opt to do it yourself

  • Gather all personal documents

  • Get your address changed on magazine subscriptions and credit cards

  • Arrange for your children to be cared for on loading day

  • Make sure that your utilities will be disconnected, once you have moved out

  • Make sure that your utilities will be connected on the day prior to your agreed moving in date

Fourteen days prior to moving:

  • Use up all the items of food in your freezer and fridge

  • Make sure that your property is clean, including the attic and basement

  • Check that you have canceled all existing delivery services, like newspapers

  • Get rid of all cleaners, flammables, aerosols, paints, ammo, etc

  • Transfer all existing prescriptions to the chemist in your new area

  • Make sure that your safety deposit container is cleared out.

  • Transfer your bank account(s)

  • Check that everything has been correctly packed

  • Drain the gasoline and oil from your garden mower, and any other tools that need to be transported

Seven days prior to moving:

  • Organize your family's travel arrangements

  • Clean and empty your freezer and fridge, clean your oven, etc

We hoped we helped you prepare for your move a little bit better. Have a safe move!

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