Hospitality clients looking for a turnkey solution to their Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E) requirements have come to trust the reliability offered by CG Moving Company. They also know we can have their Operating Supplies & Equipment (OS&E) at their facility in a timely manner.


  • Along with the professional way in which CG Moving Company handles every aspect of moving, we also offer local warehousing solutions that are clean and secure.

  • Once FF&E and OS&E enters our warehouse management system clients can expect access to view their inventory.

  • Secure access of client inventory visibility is available so you get a clear picture of where each item is stored.

  • Fulfillment of all deliveries follows 48-72 hours notice in advance.

  • If any claims need filing, we can assist. 

  • Also available is debris removal service.

Liquidation and Installation Service

  • We can facilitate seamless transitions to new locations locally including the greater San Francisco Bay Area, the Peninsula, Silicon Valley, San Mateo County and Santa Clara County paying close attention to even the smallest detail.

  • You can expect to receive the support of our experts throughout every stage of your moving project. That includes planning, moving, installation, fit-out and finishing up. 

  • You will receive customized installation services for FF&E and OS&E. 

  • Every step of the installation process coincides with our Pull List management services. 

  • Project Manager is assigned for on-site direction and coordination between your General Contractor, our crews and your team along with necessary vendors. 

  • If needed, we also provide well thought out liquidation services. 

  • We offer claim filing service to help where needed.


Freight Management Services

  • From beginning to end, we will work right along with you and your vendors to help coordinate your project logistics process.

  • CG Moving Companys expertise spans decades both domestically in moving freight.

  • At a moments notice, you can know the location of your materials using our tracking services.

  • To maximize efficiency, we provide you with delivery that arrives at the right time.

  • When possible, we offer Full Truck Load (FTL) or Less Than Truck Load (LTL) capacity to help get the most of your budget and reduce handling costs.

  • If needed, we can expedite the process and help with filing a claim.


Beginning to End Smooth Moving

Your transition into a new facility can be the best move you have ever experienced with CG Moving Company and our custom moving, warehousing, and installation services. 

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